Tom Brooks Arrangements

Our newest project features Integrity Hosanna music in downloadable format. These great songs arranged by Tom Brooks (who has produced over 100 well-loved Christian albums, several receiving Gold and Platinum status, plus Grammy and GMA Dove Award honors) allow musicians to “sound” like the original recording! Original recordings are downloadable along with ‘typeset’ orchestra parts taken from the original ‘hand-written’ studio charts. In addition, parts such as Synth Brass (Trumpets/Trombones), Synth Horns (Horns/Trombones) and Synth Strings (Violins/Cellos) have been created from the original brass and string parts. This allows 2-3 electronic keyboards to cover 7-12 instrumental parts which is ideal for smaller groups that are lacking trumpets, horns, trombones and/or strings!