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Anointed music ministered by anointed musicians can bring about life changing results for today’s church, and we can help you get there. From recruiting musicians, to music selection, training, and the production of large events, Milestone Music founder David Zudweg brings almost 30 years of experience to the challenges of building a successful music ministry. Learn more >

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Three Steps to Change Watching to Worshiping

Take a look around during your worship service and observe how many people are singing as compared to the number of people who are not participating. If there are more people watching or listening than there are singing, you need to find a way to get these people involved. That’s where we come in. True worship is not a spectator sport. The goal is to get everyone immersed. We can help! You’d be surprised how the right arrangements of songs can strengthen your service and encourage more people to actually worship rather than watch.

Step 1: Sing Along Songs

The first step is the most important one, yet unfortunately it is the most often overlooked. You have to have a great song! What exactly makes a song great? Well, think of the ones engraved in your memory bank forever— God Bless America, Amazing Grace, or perhaps How Great Is Our God by Chris Tomlin. Songs such as these all have a common theme: a great lyric combined with a great melody, which translates into a song with which you can sing along. Even if you have never heard a particular song before, if it has a great lyric and melody, you will easily catch on and be able to join in. You might even find yourself singing it all day long! Now, the trick is, finding songs like these can be a challenge—but not anymore! On this website, there are 18 songs available to you that will be sure to get the whole crowd happily singing the tune, instead of tuning out.

Step 2: Scale it Up

Now that you have a great song, you need to reach higher to send your service soaring to the next level. To do that, it takes a great arrangement. Sure, much like a talented song writer, a great arranger/orchestrator is hard to find. After all, knowing how to use various instruments in a unique way to enhance a song takes more than education and training – it is truly a gift. So, what do you do? Well, our collection of worship songs are arranged and orchestrated by some of the best—Lari, Goss and Tom Brooks for example. Take a listen and we’re sure you’ll agree, and if you’re thinking, “There’s no way our musicians could be able to play that difficult of an arrangement,” we’ve got you covered there too! Read on to see how to address that challenge.

Step 3: Tune up your tools

Expand your vision beyond just having all your singers sing melody or trying to harmonize the best they can. We can show you how to mix things up a bit to get the most out of your music. Instead of all your musicians using the same piece (words with chords above the words), how about 3-part harmony Vocal/Lead Sheet? You’ll find them here, professionally typeset and downloadable as PDFs! Why not try orchestra parts created from original brass and strings, including keyboard parts such as Synth Brass (Trumpets/Trombones), Synth Horns (Horns/Trombones), and Synth Strings (Violins/Cellos)? This will allow 2-3 electronic keyboards to cover 7-12 instrumental parts— ideal for smaller groups that are lacking trumpets, horns, trombones and/or strings. Again, these can be found and downloaded here.

You will be surprised how quickly musicians develop their skills when they have great arrangements of great songs, easily accessible and downloaded as typeset music! In addition, the more singers and musicians that are involved in leading the worship, the more encouraging it will be for others to participate.

Take the Steps!

Increasing participation is the secret to strengthening your service. Follow these steps to turn your “watchers” into “worshipers” today. The right arrangements of songs can make a big difference! For more information, just give us a call at (616) 730-3140 or use our contact page. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and get you started on successfully giving your worship service a boost. Call today!