Music Ministry Consulting Services

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David Zudweg is the president and founder of Milestone Music and has served as a music minister for nearly 30 years. He believes that anointed music ministered by anointed musicians can bring about life changing results for today’s church.

David has led the music ministry of a congregation that grew from 300 to over 3,000 people. He has created, produced, and directed major musical presentations that reached over 20,000 people per event series. David is especially passionate about providing the type of worship tools for churches that would allow them greater intimacy with God.

To learn more about how David can help your church improve its music ministry, from recruiting musicians, to music selection and training, please view our flyer, download our detailed brochure, e-mail him at or call 616-292-4288.

“Dave is set apart from most accomplished musicians by his breath of knowledge and experience, coupled with a personality that genuinely seeks to help with the vision of the Senior Pastor. He is self-effacing and humble in his approach, yet he commands tremendous respect from all who worked with him. Dave has kept up with all the latest changes in church outreach, worship, and presentation technology, and can assist a church of any size to grow a successful music ministry.”

Pastor Larry Alverson
Grand Rapids, MI